Year 1 Lesson 3 - Online Activities on Materials and their Properties


Online Activities on Materials and Their Properties



This lesson is no longer available to purchase as it is based on an online activity on another website that needed Adobe Flash Player



Adobe Flash Player is no longer being supported by Adobe, and so Flash Player can no longer be used; hence the online activity that this lesson is based on cannot be completed.



We are hoping that the other website that the online activity is available from will update the activity so that it no longer needs Adobe Flash to work and can be used again (many websites are converting content that used Adobe Flash to new formats). We are checking regularly to see if this has happened and will update our own website based on this.



The other lessons that are in this unit still ensure that all of the National Curriculum objectives for the unit are covered i.e. you do not need to worry about replacing this lesson yourself in order to ensure that you meet all of the objectives for the unit.