Why pay by debit / credit card?

Paying by debit / credit card is cheaper and much more convenient for both teachers and schools and for us:

Teachers / Schools:

  • get instant access to the resources, rather than waiting days for a cheque to be sent and to arrive
  • no need to write and send a cheque
  • no surcharge
  • can use the receipt email as an invoice and / or to claim money back from school / local authority

For us:

  • no need to setup an account for you
  • no need to take cheques to the bank
  • no need to write invoices

Surcharges for paying by cheque / bank transfer

Because of the extra work involved in processing payments manually, we:

  • do not accept orders under £20
  • add a 20% surcharge to orders under £50
  • add a 10% surcharge to orders under £100.

How to pay by invoice

If you still need to order by invoice, here’s how it works:

  1. Use the Contact Us form or email us at admin@saveteacherssundays.com with the details of what you would like to have access to
  2. we will create an invoice and send it to you (within 24 hours of receiving your order)
  3. you pay by electronic bank transfer or by cheque
  4. we create an account for you using the email address that you contacted us from, with access to what you ordered within 1 to 5 days of receiving your payment

If you have any further questions, please Contact Us by:

  • email at admin@saveteacherssundays.com
  • phone on 0208 980 8342 or 0798 437 5188