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Some websites will provide you with 'testimonials' in plain text on their own websites from people like Lee in Sheffield who is a Literacy co-ordinator or from Debbie in Taunton who is an NQT. The thing is, you have no way of knowing if Debbie or Lee ever said these things, or if they even exist!


Unlike these other websites, you can see on external websites how people have rated our planning and resources:



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Below you can find reviews on the TES website for some of our individual resources that we share for free. The TES website is independent from our website, and so are the reviews.  



Year 1 Spelling lists and worksheets             Year 2 Spelling lists and worksheets               Year 3 Spelling lists and worksheets

Year 4 Spelling lists and worksheets             Year 5 Spelling lists and worksheets               Year 6 Spelling lists and worksheets


        Year 1 Dictation sentences                          Year 2 Dictation sentences                              Year 3 Dictation sentences

        Year 4 Dictation sentences                          Year 5 Dictation sentences*                             Year 6 Dictation sentences



Year 1 Science          Year 2 Science          Year 3 Science          Year 4 Science          Year 5 Science



Year 1 History            Year 2 History           Year 3 History            Year 4 History           Year 5 History 



  Year 2 Maths planning                  Year 3 Maths planning

Year 2 Maths worksheets              Year 3 Maths worksheets


English and Phonics

Year 3 English                                    Year 1 Phonics



Year 1 Geography         Year 2 Geography          Year 3 Geography          Year 4 Geography



Year 3 Spanish



Year 3 French*



* = no reviews received yet